Cultivate Church's Sunday Bulletin

Click the button below to access our online bulletin. 

Need Help? See our FAQ's below to learn more about navigating the new Bulletin. 

Bulletin faq's

1. Do I need an app to access the bulletin?

No. If you click the link a web page will open through if you have the Bible App it will open in the app. Although not necessary the bible app makes accessing the event and your notes easier click here to download it free.

2. Can I take message notes on the online bulletin?

Yes you can. Just click on the box under the Message Notes and type in your notes. MAKE SURE TO CLICK SAVE EVENT TO SAVE YOUR NOTES FOR LATER!

3. What is included on the online bulletin?

Everything you would normally see in the paper bulletin and more! We still have our order of service, upcoming events, community news and finances as well as quick links to Realm, giving and our iTunes podcast. When you look at the bulletin you will see that some sections like "Message Notes" have the text visible while others like "Upcoming Events" do not. To see the text under "Upcoming Events" and other titles just click the title. 

4. How do I access the bulletin without the link?

Go to the bible app during our regular service time and click "More" on the bottom right and select "Events", Cultivate's bulletin showed be listed there. 

5. Can I share the bulletin?

Yes! At the top of the screen click the share button and you can share it in any format.