cultivate communities

A family of missionary disciples sent to live out their identity in Christ as they make disciples in everyday life.

Life on Life

Life in Community

Life on Mission

Cultivate Communities are smaller groups of people (8-20) where we're provided the opportunity of getting to know others and become known within Cultivate. Through these relationships, we mutually challenge and encourage one another to truly believe our identity in Christ and live life together in a way that shows the world what God is truly like. 

To clarify, a Cultivate Community is not just a small group, Bible study, support group, social activist group, or weekly meeting. It is a family of people on the mission of making disciples while growing into maturity in Christ. Each Cultivate Community prayerfully identifies a unique context that God has called them on mission within the larger South Jersey area. Some of those contexts involve other ministries of Cultivate, such as our food pantry or community garden; others are intentionally living on mission to people in their neighborhood or another network of people. All of our CC's meet regularly to eat, learn, pray and be together on mission, living out the Gospel in real and tangible expressions.

what to expect

While a Cultivate Community is more than just a weekly meeting, many of our CC's have at least one evening together we often call "Family Dinner Night." These evenings are times for our communities to reconnect with and care for one other as family, spur one another on as disciples of Jesus and welcome friends and neighbors to experience a taste of life in Jesus' kingdom. In our Cultivate Communities, you could experience any of the following (and hopefully more):

  • A meal to gather around (whether home-cooked or take out)
  • Prayer for one another and our surrounding community
  • Reflection on a story from the Bible (for any skill level)
  • Remembering Jesus through bread & wine (aka communion)
  • Time serving the neighborhood as the CC meets a tangible need

Since we see our CC's as spiritual families, we expect people of all ages to participate. That means that kids aren't just welcome, they are encouraged to be full members of the group as they share, pray and participate in the mission each CC is called on.

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