Cultivate youth

A group of youth finding the soil to spread their deep roots and bear rich fruit for South Jersey. 

Our Vision:

A group of youth finding the soil to spread their deep roots and bear rich fruit for South Jersey.


Our Roots in Scripture:

"I am the vine. You are the branches. If you remain joined to me, and I to you, you will bear a lot of fruit.”- John 15:5   

Our Goals: 

Through our monthly Youth Group we are continuing to feed our youth’s roots in Jesus Christ as they grow in to young adults. As we grow as a group over the next year, we hope to find the youth’s missional context. Their context may be one or more of the church’s ministries or may be something new. Either way, it will be identified by the youth as their calling from Christ.

what to expect

Just like Cultivate's community groups, on the first Saturday of each month we eat together, 

play games together, learn together, and pray together.

A typical Youth Night starts with us sharing a meal together and start some dialogue on the topic for the night. We then will play one or more games that relate to our topic and help us open communication between our youth and leaders. After some of our energy is released we move on to message for the night, where we gather together to talk about the topic and how the Gospel sees it. This often includes what we call "connecting questions" to help our youth think about the topic in light of their everyday experiences. 

This year we are starting a new series called "The Gospel &" where we will be looking at common challenges we face in our every day lives through the lens of the Gospel. This will be an interactive series where we will take feedback from the youth on the topics they want to focus on each month. 


Join us for our new series


Over the next 10 months we will be diving in to topics that affect our youth every day and will

learn what the Gospel has to say about them.

Saturday September 15th- Fall Kickoff Video game Night

Saturday October 6th- The Gospel & Technology

Saturday November 3rd- The Gospel & Forgiveness

Saturday December 1st- The Gospel  & "Xmas"

Contact our youth team

Questions? Contact Casey Dawson at