Cultivate youth

A group of youth finding the soil to spread their deep roots and bear rich fruit for South Jersey. 

Through our monthly Youth Group we are continuing to feed our youth’s roots in Jesus Christ as they grow in to young adults. We provide them with support to continue maturing in Christ as they identify their own missional context.


 As we grow as a group over the next year, we hope to find the youth’s missional context. Their context may be one or more of the church’s ministries or may be something new. Either way, it will be identified by the youth as their calling from Christ.

Join us for our new series: Choose your Champion

Over the next 8 months we will be relating to four champions of the bible by connecting to their greatest strength and weakness. What champion do you relate to?

David: The Brave and the Tempted

Jacob- The Cunning and The Prideful

Samson: The Strong and The Foolish

Moses: The Miracle Maker and The Challenger

Come out for an evening of team challenges to overcome each champion's strength and weakness!

what to expect

For two months we focus on one biblical hero; spending one month on his strengths and one month on his weaknesses. At each meeting the youth are split in to two teams and have to work together to overcome challenges while learning about each other and that meeting’s biblical hero.


Just like Cultivate's community groups, we eat together, play together, learn together and pray together.


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