DNA Groups

Cultivating the DNA of the gospel throughout the church.



What is a dna group?

Everyone in Cultivate is encouraged to be part of a triad of believers who are helping one another grow as Disciples of Jesus. We call this a DNA Group. These triad groups (3-4 people of the same gender), under the leadership of the Holy Spirit, meet weekly to share what they are learning and how they are growing as believers in Jesus.  

The goal of a DNA group is to:

1) Help one another DISCOVER the voice of Jesus.

2) NURTURE each other to grow in belief of Jesus.

3) Train one another to ACT in obedience to Jesus.

DNA Groups provide a structure for us to care deeply for one another and bring accountability to each other's lives. Ideally, the members of a DNA group are already doing life together in a Cultivate Community.

how do I join a DNA Group?

  • Express your interest to your Cultivate Community leader and ask them to help you get into a DNA group.
  • Find some friends who want to form a DNA group and talk it over with your CC leader.