Sunday gatherings

A gathering of God's family for the purpose of celebrating the gospel and being equipped for God's mission.

Encouraged as God's Family

Exhorted as Jesus' Disciples

Empowered as the Spirit's Missionaries

where to find us

We gather weekly at 2303 E Evesham Road in Voorhees, NJ at 10 am.

All are welcome!

what to expect

Our Sunday gatherings are a time for our entire church family to reconnect with new and old friends, eat good food, hear the good news of the gospel again through interactive teaching, celebrate God's goodness through worship, remember Jesus' work for us through the Lord's Supper (communion), encourage one another as God’s family and be equipped to live out God’s mission the other six days, twenty two hours of our week.

The analogy we often use for a Sunday gathering is that it feels more like a family meal than going out to eat. At a restaurant, customers come to enjoy the food and service that others provide. But at a family meal, many people contribute what they have for the common good of the family and the enjoyment of everyone. They don't come to consume but to participate. 

Cultivate works much the same way. People serve through music, by teaching our children, serving in our cafe, greeting people as they arrive and much more. As we participate together, God grows us in ways that are impossible if we just sit and get fed by others.

Sunday is a great way to get to know what our family is like and hear about the work God's doing through us.  But Sundays are just the start. In order to really see who we are, we strongly encourage involvement in a CULTIVATE COMMUNITY.

For more information on our children's ministry, see our CULTIVATE KIDS page.