chadirac & DEJANS, Haiti

Working together to empower a community and
create lasting life change on both sides of the bridge.

In 2012 we launched a partnership with a small, coffee growing community in Central Haiti called Chadirac. The goal of our partnership was to come alongside the people of Haiti, assisting with developing basic education, economic, discipleship and healthcare initiatives, as they build a self-sustaining community. Our partnership is both practical and relational as shown in our annual financial commitment and our commitment to send two service teams per year.

In 2019, 7 years after we began this partnership, Chadirac graduated to the status of a self-sustaining community. Today the people themselves found creative solutions to provide the resources, leadership and ideas for a flourishing future. While we are sad that our relationship to Chadirac has changed, we are excited for what God has for them and confident in their ability to forge on!

Also in 2019, we began a new partnership with a nearby community called Dejans. We are prayerfully excited about what God will do as we join with Dejans to see holistic community development take root in their village.

We are passionate about what God is doing in Haiti and love that many people there have become like a second family to many in our church.  Over 1/3 of our adults have visited Haiti at least one time!

Maybe one of the people who join us on future trips will be you!

get involved

There are a number of ways you can support the vision of seeing Chadirac transformed.


Our goal is to send two service teams a year to our family in Haiti. These trips help build relationships and give support to the people of Dejans on their journey out of poverty and into becoming a sustainable community. For more info on crossing the bridge with us, email


The 410 Bridge has launched a child sponsorship program in Haiti. You can support the work in Chadirac and build a relationship with a child there by participating as a sponsor family. Your investment will not only create a personal connection but also support our work to see the community transformed.
For more information, visit the 410 BRIDGE SPONSORSHIP PAGE.

Make sure to select the "Dejans" under the community tab. 

Meet our new community of Dejans, visit their profile on the 410 BRIDGE WEBSITE.

To hear more about the community of Chadirac, visit their profile on the 410 BRIDGE WEBSITE.