We are excited to announce that we are welcoming a new school to Cultivate's building for the 2020-2021 school year.

Trinity Preparatory School is a K-12th grade classical Christian school serving families in South Jersey since 2015. As a hybrid-school, classes are taught in a traditional school setting three days a week at Cultivate Church while students study and complete assignments at home two days a week. TPS offers excellence in classical Christian education by exemplifying and encouraging a love for learning--one that glorifies God and loves His Word, is pleasantly rigorous, and that nurtures students to be competent, lifelong self-learners.

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growing and multiplying communities of deep roots

bearing rich fruit.

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Just as a healthy tree needs the right type of environment, so we believe that our identity in Christ as a family of missionary disciples needs life-growing environments to flourish. While these environments are not the church itself (the people are the church) they serve to build up the church, giving it the necessary structure and freedom to grow and multiply as God allows it to.

We GATHER as God's Family.

We GO as the Spirit's Missionaries.

We GROW as Jesus' Disciples.